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Feature Films

Read the best of well-crafted reviews of Nollywood feature films written by The Film Conversation’s comity of thoughtful and objective film critics.

Symphony Review: Beautiful Musical Film Denied Impact by Its Rushed Climax

Symphony is a wonderful and very much delightful Pan-African musical drama about life, love, dreams, achievement, difficulties, societal disappointment, and

Christiana Peter Christiana Peter

Dwindle Review: Not a Perfect Thriller but Rises above Being a Mere Entertainer

Like Dwindle, movies about societal issues never seem to be out of trend. For decades, if not centuries, the possibility

Christiana Peter Christiana Peter

Ile Owo (House of Money) Review: Here is Dare Olaitan’s Rethread of a Suppressed Passion

Here's a social perception. It says economists are prudent humans. In colloquial pidgin English; it's translated to 'economist too stingy'.

Seyi Lasisi Seyi Lasisi
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