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StandUp Review: Crass acting and stauntered humour restrains a necessary treatise into Nigeria’s comic industry

Comedy has always been an integral part of filmmaking in Nigeria, especially as it relates to its presentation and message.

Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

Lockdown Review: Moses Inwang’s Film is a Subtle Docudrama that Neither Documents Nor Dramatizes Enough

As I was watching Lockdown, it dawned on me that when fiction and reality dovetail - and occasionally they do

Seyi Lasisi Seyi Lasisi

First-Look: RMD Lead Stars in Inkblot’s ‘Palava’

Nigerian film production company, Inkblot Productions has unveiled the first-look teaser of its family comedy movie, 'Palava'. According to the

Oluwatosin Ologun Oluwatosin Ologun
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