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TFC Explainer: Real Reasons Subscribers Are Dumping Netflix

News broke last Tuesday that the giant streamer, Netflix lost about 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

Yousuph Grey Yousuph Grey

Biyi Bandele; A Creative Enigma in Life, An Artsy Legend in Death [TFC Tribute]

Let me begin with a list of clichés. Biyi Bandele, born on October 13, 1967, died 55 years after (7,

Seyi Lasisi Seyi Lasisi

Kannywood: Censorship, Religious Resistance and the Battle for the Soul of Cinema in Northern Nigeria

Since the industrialization of filmmaking in Northern Nigeria in the 90s, Kannywood, the region’s answer to the southern Nollywood has

Yousuph Grey Yousuph Grey
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